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In modern times many people have become addicted to technology and they have become highly dependent on the latest technology in almost every walk of life. The entertainment and sports industry has been taking advantage of this dependency as they are using technology to access more and more people globally. Sportzfy is one such development as this is a wonderful application that has provided people with live streaming of sports events on their mobile phones.

Watching your favorite cricket game live in HD quality was never easy as most people had no access to such an application that would provide them with such a wonderful facility. Using this application you can watch live IPL, T20, cricket matches, football, tennis, and all other sports on your Android device.

It has revolutionized the live streaming of sports activities by giving access to everyone. You can not just watch cricket but can watch all other sports like football, badminton and many more. This app is a wonderful package for all those who want to watch sports and other programs while sitting at home without paying for it.

App NameSportzfy
File Type.APK
Latest VersionV6.0
Price Free
Requires Android5.0 and up
UploadedJanuary 5, 2022
UpdatedJune 9, 2024

What is Sportzfy?

Sportzfy is one of the best app for live streaming sports, TV shows, and other videos as it comes with some amazing features. It has the best video as well as the audio quality of live-streamed videos. The simple and user-friendly interface makes this application highly understandable and easy to use which adds to its value.

Other features like the kid’s corner can be a wonderful option for the parents of kids as this portion contains cartoons. Some of the famous kids’ channels like Pogo, Nick Hindi, Sony Yay, and many more such channels are available in this app. This feature makes it kids’ kid-friendly so that parents can use this app without any hesitation.

When it comes to language Sportzfy TV App supports many different languages and lets its user have live streaming in many different languages. It is also smooth and secure, so you can use this app without any fear. To get the benefit of such a great opportunity you should download this app from this website and start using it.

With all these advantages, it also has some disadvantages. It needs a proper wifi connection or mobile data to function as it would not work without an Internet connection. It will go slower in case you have a weak internet connection. Though no ads will appear while watching your favorite sports event live, ads will appear when you open the app.

Sportzfy screenshots

Main Features Of Sportzfy TV:

This application has a lot of features for its users some of the important features are mentioned below

HD Quality:

You can watch quality content as all the content in this app is in full HD. Not just video quality, audio is also of HD quality.

User-friendly interface:

The interface of the application is simple and easy to use. This makes the app highly user-friendly.


Language is thought to be a bigger barrier in recent times but Sportzfy supports many different languages.

No Ads:

Most of the time ads disturb streaming. This app doesn’t show ads while watching any video or live streaming. However, some ads are shown when you open this app.

Kids Corner:

One of the features of this application is Kids Corner. Kids Corner provides vast kids channels like Pogo, Nick Hindi, Yay, Cartoon Network, and many more.

Live Score:

If you need to know scores without watching the game then you are in the right place as this app gives live scores of the games being played.

Sportzfy Categories:

This application has three main categories which are mentioned below.

Live Events:

The main feature of this app is Live Streaming. Mostly used for HD Live streaming of cricket but is also used to live stream all other sports such as football, and badminton. By using the application you can watch live IPL, T20, or any other cricket events on your Android phone without paying subscription charges.

Live Events

Sports Channels:

If you are a cricket lover, you are in the right place as the Sportzfy TV app will directly connect you to cricket channels like Star Sports, Astro Cricket, Fox Cricket, PTV Sports, and more than thousands of cricket channels. In some time during live matches, some sports channels do not work quickly because a lot of users use the same sports channel At that time you can easily switch to any other sports channel to watch the match.

Sportzfy sports channels
Sportzfy sports channels
Sportzfy sports channels


If a match of your team has been missed by you then you don’t need to panic as this app also shows highlights of previously held matches. You can also enjoy the match’s highlights. If you miss any match due to any reason you can watch that match by using this application.



Here we are answering all FAQs about this application if you have any queries about the application then you are landing in the right place.

Can we livestream ICC and Fifa events?

Yes, you can watch all kinds of sports events whether it is Cricket or Football. Not just cricket and football but also tennis, badminton, and all other sports events can be watched using this app.

Which type of content is available on the Sportzfy app?

Not just sports but it contains all types of content such as entertainment, dramas, and TV series. New as well as old content is also available.

Is it also known as Mini TV?

Yes, it is known as a mini TV because it contains all the content in it so you don’t need to sit in front of your TV or laptop to watch video anytime.

Do we need to pay money to watch videos on this app?

No, you don’t need to pay or buy a subscription to watch videos as it is free to use.

How many videos can one watch or stream videos?

There is no limitation of time so you can watch as many videos as you want. This is a 24/7 service.

What is the quality of the content in this app?

This app provides content in HD quality so you can watch live streaming and other videos in HD quality.

Is it safe to use?

You can use this app without any fear as it provides its customers with a safe environment to download and install it.

Is content available in different languages?

Yes it supports many different languages as it provides its user with multi-lingual content

So we have mentioned all the FAQs about the application above In case your question is not mentioned here please mention them in the comments section of this page so we can answer your queries as soon as possible.


Last but not least, Sportzfy TV APK is a live streaming service with a wide range of live TV and entertainment channels including sports, movies, news, and more. With its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming, this app is a reliable and enjoyable platform to stay updated on all your favorite sports events. Whether you are a sports fan or just looking for something to watch, it caters to the needs of everyone.

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